ISQA Project - Personal Library

User stories:

  1. Nothing from my website will be cached in my client as a security measure.
  2. I will see that the site is powered by 'PHP 4.2.0' even though it isn't as a security measure.
  3. I can post a title to /api/books to add a book and returned will be the object with the title and a unique _id.
  4. I can get /api/books to retrieve an aray of all books containing title, _id, & commentcount.
  5. I can get /api/books/{_id} to retrieve a single object of a book containing title, _id, & an array of comments (empty array if no comments present).
  6. I can post a comment to /api/books/{_id} to add a comment to a book and returned will be the books object similar to get /api/books/{_id}.
  7. I can delete /api/books/{_id} to delete a book from the collection. Returned will be 'delete successful' if successful.
  8. If I try to request a book that doesn't exist I will get a 'no book exists' message.
  9. I can send a delete request to /api/books to delete all books in the database. Returned will be 'complete delete successful' if successful.
  10. All 6 functional tests required are complete and passing.

Test API responses:

Test post to /api/books

Book Title:

Test post to /api/books/{bookid}

BookId to comment on:


Sample Front-End:

Select a book to see it's details and comments